Saturday, August 1, 2009

Very discouraged

After doing alot of research, I have decided that I am no longer going to make childrens(under age 12) things-clothes, dolls etc. It seems that the Consumer Protection Agency has made some new rules starting Aug 14th of this year. With these new rules brings alot of anxiety to a small business owner. I can not afford to do all the things that would put me in compliance. Nor can I afford to just ignore what the rules are and continue on like nothing has changed.

As a parent, I so understand why the new rules are in effect. With the import and export of goods, it is a good thing to have rules. But as a person that is losing income over this, it is a hard pill to swallow.

I have taken everything off of my etsy that is for children. This was the weekend that I was to take all the material out and start on a bunch of baby things for fall, instead, I took all the baby material out of the closet, and am working on blankets and things for only my grandkids and kids.

This whole thing is very disturbing. I have worked very hard to get where I am today. Marketing and learning how to use the internet to get customers, on top of daily things, plus working on products. Trying to be creative through it all. Now part of it is gone, and I have to rethink my business. My worry is about the alterations part of it. I can regroup and do something different with the website, but not for the alterations. There are alot of people that have me put zippers or new buttons on their kids clothes. That may not be an option any more.

I have written the agency and asked some questions about the alteration part of my business, plus about hold harmless clauses. It will be interesting to read what they have to say.

My heart goes out to so many people that are and have quit making baby things because of this. The income from doing this while it may not be a substantial part of their business for alot of us it is a part that we truly enjoy. We have to give up something that we love doing. It is to bad that things have progressed to the point that in such a depressed economy, that we lose yet another source of income.

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