Monday, August 17, 2009

Silent Time

Here is a picture of a doe standing on the lawn at the church. I was on my cell with the 20 year old, (making sure he had not forgotten his 15 yr old brother) drove in to the church parking lot to do geneology, and there she stood. Not afraid of anything which was a surprise as it is hunting season here. Well of course the boys had to come and see. We all got some good pictures.

Now after the whole thing with the Consumer Protection Agency, I am knitting up a storm. Made the decison to finish all the baby blankets put them in the attic and wait for more grandkids. I have made some pretty silver and black wraps. Very nice for formal wear. As soon as I can get one of my girls to stand still long enough I will take pics and add them on my etsy.

My brain storm for the week was to do a different kind of pincushion. As I was discussing it with one of my girls, they suggested dolls. So, I made 6 dolls and listed them on my site. They are a bit on the strange looking side, but for what they are--I am happy. Their name is SewPal Polly. Each one is different and just right for the seamstress that has everything.

I have never added pictures to a post before, and so they are not where I wanted. They were suppose to go with the paragraph, but no such luck. Oh well live and learn.

The weekend went by fast. I spent Sat cooking for my husband and father in law. They left yesterday to go commercial fishing for 2 weeks. Cooking is not my bag, but I guess from what everyone says I am good at it.

Sat night we took the kids to the new Harry Potter movie. It was good. And only had one scary part in it, so the 5 year old was happy. The funny was when the scary part came-everyone in the theater jumped. We knew that James Jr would be fine, as one of his older brothers had seen it, and is very good about telling us which younger kid can watch what.

Sunday, James left. It is strange as we have not been seperated longer than a week. That was when my sister lost her husband last year. The wind is bad today, so I hope that they are safe.

I am so happy I got my first person enrolled in Melaluca. It is my neice. I just love the products. They are so awesome. If a person has any allergys or skin issues, then these products are for them. There are alot of people on the island enrolling into Melaluca, especially the daycares. The products are very child safe and environmentally friendly. We have used the laundry soap to see if it would get out the horrible smell of the cannery on clothes, it did. Very impressive, as nothing else does that. Those clothes stink to the high heavens and the Melaluca soap got the smell to go away. My oldest daughter has bad excema on her feet. We have battled it since she was 2, she is now 30. Since she started using the lotion her feet have really cleared up. Plus getting commission on ordered is a great thing. Everyone can use extra money.

Well, I had better get my laundry finished. Hope everyone that sees this is having a great day..

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