Monday, August 24, 2009

A very different kind of week

Since I last wrote, things have been different for this household. The big thing was my husband being gone. Like I said last week, he left on Sunday for a two week commercial fishing trip. This is something that he has wanted to do because he loves to spend time with his Dad. So this was the year for it. We knew that it would be a trial but did not think it would be to bad.

Well, as weeks go, it wasn't to bad. The kids, so far, have missed the disease that is going around town. The younger 3 and I took a quick trip to Ketchikan on the ferry to see the orthodontist, and get some school stuff. Taking a ferry for six hours with a 5 yr old can always be an adventure. He had a blast talking to everyone that would listen. Plus McDonalds is always something to look forward too. I have been teaching my 12 year old daughter how to cook. Which I am very happy to say, she is doing a great job. My work has been going ok. I have been making things to put on my etsy. That is the picture of the knitted then felted purse. The dogs are fine, cat is just getting fat. Weather wise, it has been up and down, rain then sun. I have an actual tomato on my plants outside. The kids are all registered in school. As you can see things are pretty normal except for one thing--James is not here.

For years, the longest James and I have been apart is that week I talked about in my last post. Until now. Usually it would not be a big deal because of the telephone or internet, some kind of communication. From Sunday to Sunday, not a word from him. He is out in the ocean, cells do not work there. Finally last night he was in Port Protection and borrowed the phone at the resturant, as the public phone did not work, and he called. I almost did not answer it, because I was working, but after the second ring grabbed it and pushed that 1 very fast to accept a collect call.

It is funny, you live with a man for years, he is the father of your children, your best friend, he goes to work-comes home. You share everything with him, hopes, dreams, battle all sorts of lifes ups and downs. But how often in the middle of everything do you think what it would be like without him?? I mean you know you love him, you are grateful for him and what he does, but to not hear from him for a week--puts a whole new twist on how you feel. It is not that I am not capable of taking care of things, because I am. It is that feeling of something or someone in this case missing.

Today, he did not fish because of bad weather, so James went to the internet cafe so that we could talk on messanger. It was great to be able to talk to him. I was able to tell him again how much we love him and miss him. James was able to tell me that he missed me and that he loved me. The kids took turns "talking " to him. The older kids miss him, but the youngest is having the most problem. His fear was that Daddy would be eaten by a mud shark. Mud sharks are ugly but not to big. All in all it was a great day because we were able to communicate.

The communication has been the trial. If we were able to talk, yes, we would still miss each other, but not to the extent that we have discovered. Hopefully James will be home on Sat. Between now and then he probably will not be able to call. One week down and only 5 more days to go. We can do this.

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