Monday, July 13, 2009

This is for all the "multi-tasking" people. Please bear in mind to get to the best part of the story--you have to have the lead in......Today was busy (like every other day). Took the 2 younger kids on a bike ride this morning, came home, got ready to go to town. The 20 year old was coming home on a charter plane. He has been gone for a month working in the Juneau area. Lucas is a telephone lineman, for about a year now, and loves it. Anyway, he got to come home for a week. So we went and picked him up.

Had lunch with my husband, got groceries, went to the library. Now in the summer the library hand in hand with the school district provides a summer reading program. 10 points in accelerated reader and you get to go to a pool party. The 12 year old girl and the 5 year old have just over the 10 points. Then I have my over achiever who goes to the limit 100 points. That one is 10 years old. After that we came home.

At home, I put away the groceries. Keep in mind that the phone is ringing none stop all morning and all afternoon. Now, I am going to go to work--but wait, I need to boil the eggs for the pork noodle soup for dinner. Here comes the glitch to multi tasking--The eggs are boiling, I am returning phone calls, and trying to do book work for the construction business that my husband and his father own. Chasing kids. Working along,, and all of a sudden----I hear 3 large booms from the kitchen (my office is next to the kitchen) well scared me, and I am thinking what on earth could have made that noise???? The glitch to multi-tasking--I FORGOT THE EGGS WERE COOKING!!!! Have you ever heard eggs explode from the heat??? And the ones that did not explode were burnt on the bottom. Luckily the pan did survive, mess was minimal. Thought about not having eggs with the noodles, but being either very brave, or very brain dead, put more eggs on to boil.. It worked this time. I was searching for a "moral" to the story, but figured that every woman in the world has had a similar thing happen since we are always multi-tasking.

The rest of this day has went fairly good. We went to pick salmon and thimble berries in our favorite spot, but they are not quite ripe. The younger 2 are in bed, and this is finished so I am going to go and check on my raspberries and hill up my potatoes.

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